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Meet Our Founder

Richard Fisher

Born and raised in London to a Nigerian mother and an American father, Richard has always believed in the power of purpose. After he personally experienced failure in the education system, Richard successfully overcame all odds to have a glowing career in the financial industry.


Richards' passion for helping young people was reignited in 2012, and he started PUSH  with a clear mission, to help young people around the world understand and realize their potential. 


Tebby Fisher

Marketing & Communications

Raised in the beautiful islands of The Bahamas, Tebby is a creative storyteller, artist, and marketing professional with a deep desire to inspire young women to believe in their intrinsic self-worth and their innate ability to think big and actualize their dreams. 

Raina Nathoo

South Africa

A proud South African currently based in Singapore. As a strong, value-driven, and motivated professional, I am passionate about mentorship, specifically female empowerment. Raina has been a part of the PUSH team for the past 5 years.


Letitia Allman


With 15 years of experience in E-Commerce working with global and independent brands, Letitia has always had a passion for working with young people, having had the pleasure of volunteering with a number of small and large nonprofits. Launching PUSH Jamaica in 2018, saw Letitia bring her love for working with young people back to her home country.

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